Friday, November 11, 2016

What has Trump destroyed?

"While we're all immensely grateful for Trump's miraculous victory, I don't think we've paid enough attention to what he has destroyed. He destroyed the Bush dynasty. He has destroyed the Clinton dynasty. He has destroyed the push towards globalization. He has destroyed the MSM myth as "impartial Journalists." He has destroyed the conventional GOP so-called Conservative establishment. He has destroyed Obama's legacy. He has destroyed ObamaCare and the push towards a single payer, government controlled health care. He has destroyed the concept that Republicans can't win without catering to a variety of ethnic groups, even though he increased his vote with blacks and Hispanics over Romney. He has destroyed the lock than the NEA has over the educational system. He has destroyed the environmental wacko's control over the EPA. He has destroyed the legitimacy of the polling industry. Finally, and most importantly, with the defeat of Hillary, he has decimated the Democrat party, and it's agenda, with no bench to build upon. So let's celebrate Trump's win and his future presidency, along with the appreciation of all he's destroyed." – Mal Luber

If he moves quickly, this would be true.  If he decides to back away from what he promised, then maybe not. The only real success Obama had was his biggest promise--to fundamentally transform the country. It's never been so divided or hate filled. Not since VietNam have we seen so many violent protests, which are continuing today.

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