Thursday, November 10, 2016

The storm after the calm

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The calm and good words after the acceptance speech by Trump and transition good wishes by Obama and Clinton were short lived (I thought all three plus Ryan's were excellent). I saw on TV about crowds protesting in big cities. I think there was a group at our state house here in Columbus, but our governor is worthless, so not sure what they wanted. He was a candidate (won one state) and vowed to support the nominee, but stayed home and pouted. 

In NYC a Fox reporter tried to interview protestors about whether they had voted, but he couldn’t get any responses. In numbers, Trump beat both Romney (2012) and Obama (2008) in a number of key states like Ohio and Florida. People who don’t vote shouldn’t protest. Probably backed by George Soros, but maybe he’s a convenient excuse—social media has the power to rouse large crowds from nowhere. Black Lives Matter was virtually silent during the campaign closing weeks, and seems to have found its voice again. Magic strings on flexible puppets. 

And where are all those celebrities who promised to leave the U.S.A. Probably checked up on the tax liabilities. Or found out their fan base was pretty weak in Australia and Canada. Just go to your safe space, Miley. Some public schools are providing counseling and pizza for those traumatized students upset with the election.

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