Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The terror attack at Ohio State University

More is coming out about the handsome young Somali refugee, a legal resident, who wounded 9 with his car and a butcher knife at OSU yesterday and was then killed by a policeman. He had what millions of refugees in Syria (over 4 million Syrian refugees in Jordan alone) and Africa want. He'd already graduated from Columbus State, was enrolled at OSU (don't know how this was financially arranged, but that's quite advanced for an 18 year old), lived in a nice apartment complex and lived in a city with the 2nd largest Somali community in the U.S. He was also a "graduate" of a training camp in Pakistan as a young teen--so he must have been quite young when radicalized or the records have been mixed up. 

From his social media site he revealed he was unhappy with American troops in Muslim countries, with not being able to find enough prayer rooms on our huge campus, and feeling he was stereotyped (ironic, I know, since he fulfilled the worst stereotype of young male Muslim refugees). He doesn't mention the thousands of Muslims killed by ISIS, Boko Haram, al-Qaeda, al-Shabaab, etc. Millions are waiting to come here who just want a safe, better life. He took their place. They could stay in their home countries and be killed by fellow Muslims. al-Shabaab is a clan based jihadist group based in Somalia responsible for the deaths of thousands of Somalis through bombings and suicide attacks.

Some bystanders at the crime scene reported on the goodness of the OSU students. Several rushed to help him get out of the car when they thought he was simply in an auto accident--for their concern, he attacked them with a knife. And in typical good heartedness, some OSU officials are concerned for the undocumented students who might not be able to continue at Ohio State after Trump becomes president.

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