Tuesday, November 08, 2016

In one state, it's about bathrooms this election

In one state the election has come down to bathrooms and child abuse. North Carolina. Without any input from Congress (whom we elect) a group of unelected bureaucrats in Washington decided in 2012 transgenderism would be the next civil rights movement. There is no medical diagnosis for gender dysphoria--it's completely subjective--how a person feels. The surgery and hormone treatments are becoming a big busine$$. Doctors can administer hormone treatment based on what a child wants (or his parents). Surgery is supposed to not happen until age 18, but doctors also get around that. It's child abuse. 

Puberty blockers that are not safe for children are administered as young as 11 or 12. These affect development and fertility and no one knows the long term effects because this is the first generation to be used as lab rats in a social experiment. The puberty blockers affect their sexual development when paired with cross-hormones and may stunt their growth, bone density and brain development. There is the potential for osteoporosis, blood clots, cancer and a higher risk for heart disease and diabetes. Cross sex hormones have irreversible effects on fertility.

You see, sex is not a feeling, it's biology. You can outgrow feelings; you don't outgrow your biology. Most of these kids would grow up to be normal, and if not, let them decide after counseling if this is really what they want. Transgenderism is less than 1% of the population, and among children, most will outgrow it. For that fraction of a percent we need to traumatize normal children?

Remember the Kinsey experiments on children?

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