Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Gender dysphoria

Why is our government, specifically the Department of Education, pushing the fantasy of transgenderism in children? Every cell in the human body marks us either male or female--it's not just the genitals, or a "feeling" or putting on lipstick and a padded bra. Sex is not assigned at birth as the LGBTQ activists try to brainwash us; we are that way from the beginning and we remain who we are until death, at which time we really do transition. 

The DoEd has been allowed to change the meaning of the word sex in Title IX (originally intended to protect women and girls in school activities) without any input from Congress. DoEd encourages children and their parents to pursue a harmful phony therapy that may involve puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, artificial penises and vaginas, future sterility and many health problems. The children need counseling, not chest binders, hormones and more sex saturated activism. 

Anorexics think they are fat; some boys think they are girls and vice versa. Some people think they need amputations of fingers or ears. Some people pretend to be crippled, or purposefully injure themselves. We don't require the community to encourage their fantasy/nightmare. Children most of the time outgrow these fantasies of being the opposite sex, but even if they didn't, fewer than 1% of the population have the problem. When I was six I pretended I was a horse, and I'm so glad no one took it too seriously even though I ran around on all fours, and made whinnying sounds.

 I'd like to see future president Trump put a complete halt to this child abuse and bullying of teachers and parents sanctioned by the government.

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