Friday, November 25, 2016

Discrimination against Trump voters

Many Hispanics, blacks, Muslims and women voted for Donald Trump.  Therefore, I'm surprised by the posts and articles I see on the internet recommending discrimination against Republicans or Trump supporters on the basis of their politics or party affiliation, based on the "values" of the company or CEO. One in New Mexico has claimed he will no longer accept Republicans as customers. Democrats/progressives are still lying about the basket of deplorables.  Donald Trump's edge with white voters was barely above Romney's in 2012 and his advantage over Clinton was luring minorities and women off the diversity plantation to escape to freedom of thought. In Wisconsin it was a swing of about 8% moving from Obama voters to Trump voters. And this was the case in several "blue wall" states.  During the last 8 years they were ignored except when brought out as trophies. At  this moment we have on-going riots, property destruction and an uptick in violence against police, who are over 1/3 minority.  Maybe it will be the same with Trump, but what have they got to lose?

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