Friday, November 18, 2016

Democrats continue their meltdown and name calling

President elect Trump got only marginally more white voters in 2016 than Romney did in 2012, and many more minorities votes than Romney. But the Democrats smeared Romney as a racist, homophobe, sexist, etc. --and I think animal abuser for good measure. This year, people who had voted for Obama for two terms were tired of being maligned, ridiculed and called names, especially a basket of deplorables by Clinton, so they decided to try an outsider. The name calling is so much background noise now, and I don't think it works anymore except to incite more fear among Democrats. Now we've got teacher's unions preparing propaganda as "social studies units" about the election to terrorize their students. It's the 1950s duck and cover nuclear attack. The democrats are digging their own hole and pulling the dirt over top of themselves.

Meanwhile the protests continue.  Now the protestors are releasing the names and addresses of the electoral voters who are pledge to support candidates--they are trying to threaten them into changing their votes.  Really, despicable people.  But do Obama or Clinton say anything? I guess all that talk about a smooth transition was just talk.  

Each visitor to Trump Tower for discussions and interviews has wild stories written about him or her in the nasty main stream media.  They are terrified as their political base collapses and gravy train drains.  Clintons are gone.  Bidens gone. Harry Reid gone.  Maybe Nancy Pelosi is on the way out.  The most powerful woman in the world, Valerie Jarrett will soon leave DC (unless she's trapped in the revolving door of lobbying.  The DNC exposed for its corruption and deal making.

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