Thursday, November 03, 2016

John Podesta, Peter Kadzik, Hillary Clinton and Herb Sandler

John Podesta is Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman.
  • He’s best friends with Peter J. Kadzik, a senior official at the Department of Justice, which oversees the FBI.
  • The FBI is investigating Mrs. Clinton on two fronts—her emails (now expanded to the 650,000 on Weiner’s laptop), and the Clinton Foundation pay to play scandal.
  • Kadzik led the cover-up of the Obama Administration’s targeting of conservative and Tea Party nonprofits in the last presidential election cycle.
  • Podesta is paid $7,000 per month to be an advisor to the Sandler Foundation.
  • Herb Sandler, the founder, is a major donor to the Clinton campaign and radical groups like ACORN.
  • Sandler and his savings-and-loan empire was involved in the 2008 housing collapse.
  • Podesta helped his friend Sandler with the fall out from the burst bubble he helped create.

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