Sunday, November 13, 2016

George Mason University Admissions Director is full of hate for Conservatives

Hate is hate, and we’re seeing it manifest itself in the socialist/progressive camps this election who are warning that the side that lost the election in a representative election are white trash, deplorable, irredeemable, stupid and morons. The admissions director at George Mason University needs to resign, same as he would if he called black students the N-word.

"On his Facebook page, Andrew Bunting declared conservatives, Trump voters and anyone who dares to disagree with his progressive ideology are "worthless pieces of trash." "  

This vile statement is because the National Organization for Marriage said they would support President Trump.  Did conservatives offer a similar message of hate when National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood (which actually kills humans) supported Obama?

Here's the blog which brought out his hate.

Supporting traditional marriage is now hate speech.

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