Wednesday, November 01, 2006

3031 Go Martha!

USA Today noted that "more than 18 months after Martha Stewart was released from prison, the company she founded continues to show signs of recovery. Advertising revenue for her magazines rose 75%.

Seems that college tuition is up almost 290% in the last 20 years, and hospital services are up 280%. The Consumer Price Index is up 84.3%. That means housing, fuel, food and beverages, electricity, new cars and apparel rose more slowly than 20 years ago. I suppose it depends on where you're spending your money. Tuition averages $5,836 at a public university today, or $12,796 when all expenses are considered.

Blacks seem to be leaving the plantation. USA Today highlighted 6 African American candidates for Senate and Governor today. Three were Republicans and three were Democrats, although the one who got the most inches was Democrat of course.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled last Wednesday in a 4-3 decision that publicly funded, privately operated charters schools are constitutional. I know the unions won't give up and it will come back at us again. Judge Alice Robie Resnick wrote a dissenting opinion. She's our Supreme Court Judge who's had 2 drunk driving convictions in less than a year. She says she'll resign next January, but I wonder why she thinks she can do her job on the bench if she doesn't have enough brain cells left to know she should stay off the roads while under the influence.

We're still squabbling here in Ohio about voter ID. I pity the poll workers. My absentee ballot hasn't arrived yet, although my husband's came yesterday. I 'm sure all this confusion will cause the Dems to cry foul, if they lose. Did you read that dead Democrats are outvoting dead Republicans 4 to 1? Saw that in the Poughkeepsie Journal.


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

My absentee ballot came last week, but the envelope that I need to put the ballot in and sign was sealed. Can't get my ballot in there without ripping it open. The Election Board said to rip it open, put the ballot in, and tape it back up. That doesn't sound very "legal" to me, so I hope they still count my vote.

Dane Bramage said...

I will be going to New Orleans on election day and I almost opted for an abentee ballot. Instead, since I don't have to be to the airport until 10:30 am I will vote before I fly out. It bothers me that Sharrod Brown is ahead in the polls and I agree with you on Resnick. As for dead Democrats out voting dead Republicans, I guess the Dems work their dead voter base with more rigor.

Norma said...

Dane, you've always got a good play on words for me.