Sunday, November 19, 2006

3186 The faith and values Democrats--what will it mean for the party?

"Not since Bill Clinton's first run for President has there been so much talk among Democrats about fielding candidates viewed as more socially and religiously moderate than the standard-bearers of their party. In several important races -- in Tennessee and Pennsylvania, for example -- conservative Republicans found themselves up against Democrats who spoke the language of faith. "I just can't help it," said U.S. Rep. Harold Ford, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Tennessee. "I love Jesus."

We dare not speculate about how many Democratic victors might share that affection. Nor can we know what difference this strategy made on the election outcome; discontent over the war in Iraq and disgust over political scandals evidently drove lots of voters into Democratic arms. But we can ask what it might mean for the future of the Democratic Party and American politics."

For a run down of the moderates, some who are pro-life and one a former minister, and who they beat, here's the rest of the story at The Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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