Tuesday, November 07, 2006

3046 People who shouldn't vote

There are a few people who you hope won't show up at the polls today, but I'm sure some Democrat will offer them a ride, or say they were disenfranchised. That's not true. They are too dumb to vote. I was listening to Glenn Beck on Friday while I was ironing. I really don't like his "Moron Trivia" routine because I just hate learning how stupid people are. In this routine, he calls up people who are in NFL cities who work at convenience stores as "shelf replenishment engineers." There's a football connection, but sports bore me, so I won't get into that. Last Friday it was between Baltimore and Cincinnati. I think he talked to five women and one man with four questions. The women sounded to me like they were over 50 and heavy smokers. You know the sound, that deep throaty rattle that women get when they've damaged their vocal chords from years of looking sophisticated.

Anyway, the first question was which politician had embarrassed himself that week trying to tell a joke that had backfired. The women didn't know; so he asked them the next question, "Who is John Kerry?" None of them knew--not even with prompting from Glenn. One of the questions was which party won the November elections (this was 4 days before the election.) My sex went down in such a stunning defeat in both cities, I don't even remember the rest of the questions. But the one male, who had a slight Hispanic accent, got every question right!


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Dancing Boys Mom said...

Hmmm, death of a grandmother. I never thought to try that one. It just seems like something that would get back to your mother. hehe.

You know, sadly, GB is on too early in the am for me here so I haven't listened to him, but I do watch his show. It's hilarious.

Anyway, this result does not surprise me. Aside from Christian women, most of the women in my neighborhood thought on 9/11 that it had nothing to do with them and wouldn't impact their lives one iota. They couldn't see what the big deal was.

Way weird.