Wednesday, November 22, 2006

3203 My black belt in weight loss

This morning I had to find a belt to wear with my black jeans. I rarely wear a belt--find them terribly uncomfortable, but it was the only way to tuck in my blouse. I'm one pound off from where I wanted to be by Thanksgiving Day. My husband had a touch of something for several days and I think he lost over 10 lbs. We don't really know since he rarely weighs himself, but it's really disgusting, isn't it? When we started dating in 1959, I didn't realize that I weighed more than he, which is probably good, because I might have looked elsewhere. Either I didn't know what I looked like, or he didn't look that thin. Even after we were married I remember buying a suit for him in the boy's department.

When the relationship took a serious direction, I lost 20 lbs. Then in the late 70s, he developed a heart valve problem and lost a lot of weight again, but got it back. I think it was for our 30th reunion he decided he looked a little chunky (his dimples showed), so he stopped eating his cracker and cheese snack in the evening and it fell right off.

As I noted on my Thursday Thirteen Sept. 28, I'm just not eating the things that make me want to eat more. Seems to be working.

1. potato chips or corn chips
2. saltines or Ritz
3. Anything wrapped, inserted, folded or inside pastry--could be apple pie, chicken pot pie, or taco salad
4. cheddar cheese or American cheese or cream cheese especially on #2
5. pizza any type, but especially pepperoni with double cheese
6. peanut butter anything, especially with chocolate
7. French fries
8. sour cream or gravy
9. biscuits, rolls, bread
10. butter or margarine especially on #2 or #9
11. Lots of choices, buffet, snack trays
12. Reading food blogs, recipe magazines, watching Food channel
13. Snack food aisle in grocery store

My daughter is making 3 pies for dinner tomorrow. Will be a severe test. But at least there won't be any Fritos.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Just take one bite of the pie and then give it to someone else or throw it out. This way you can taste, and you can still wear your belt. Have a great day with your family:)