Saturday, November 11, 2006

3157 A tribute to Veterans

This morning I was listening to a Veterans Day Tribute on 700 a.m. Cincinnati. An Iraq veteran of two tours of duty called in to comment. When I see and hear the negative, bad press we get about the war, I wonder if the news people ever talk to the guys who have been there (I know the answer, so I don't really wonder), or read their blogs. This soldier had spent 9.5 months in Fallugia during his second tour, and he said it definitely wasn't pleasant and he had a number of close calls, but he is very proud of what America is doing there. He said the Iraqis he talked to are happy the Americans are there--they feel free for the first time in the memory of many. He also asked why Americans will get excited about corruption or poverty or hunger in Africa, but ignore that it was the same in Iraq and was caused by one man.

He also paid a tribute to the Vietnam vets. He said that many times he and his colleagues looked to and remembered their bravery (and their lack of support from the American people) when they were in really awful, dangerous conditions.

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