Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3222 Over rated, over hyped snacks

Seen at the ConAgra site, "According to IRI Data, sales of packaged snacks foods in the United States topped $32 billion in 2006, up 3 percent since 2002. Health-oriented items have been experiencing the steepest growth in the category. Given the new portion-controlled, healthier snack trend, food manufacturers are launching 100-calorie packages of popular cookies, crackers and chip products in hopes of answering consumer needs."

However, most of these snacks, with the exception of popcorn, are empty calories. [Popcorn is promoted in this press release.] In my opinion, snacks just make you hungrier. If they're salty, you reach for something for thirst, which probably also has calories, or more sodium. If you have these empty calories right before meals, it might keep you from eating something healthier. Even magazines that promote healthy eating seem to devote a lot of space to snacks.

And over to the side is this snack item.

Be still my heart. Bite into an apple.

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