Sunday, November 12, 2006

3160 Pot meet Kettle

Just switched off Maureen Dowd. Gads, talk about whiny, moral hypocrisy. She was opining to that fat guy with a face like a smashed pancake--don't even know the network. How does anyone stand that woman? I thought I would remember her phrasing and sighs long enough to get it into my blog, but she's just too outrageous. Plus her voice sounds like someone tuned her vocal chords with an emory board. Her hair color is the color of a Republican district, regardless of her political leanings. Yuk.

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Dancing Boys Mom said...

I suspect that you were watching with Tim Russert. It was either on NBC or, if you were watching it at night, MSNBC.

There, now you can sleep better...well, if you can get that voice out of your head. ;-)