Sunday, November 05, 2006

3041 Couldn't agree more

with this commenter over at the Right Coast. I guess everyone needs a place to hang their spiritual hat, and global warming beliefs do fill a need to believe that humans are all-powerful and worthy of worship.

"Global Warming is one of several religions people have gravitated to after being denied their need for relevance in socialism and other schemes. No need to confuse them with the facts on "warming", because it hasn't worked before. Chicken Little has dressed in the Kings Clothes, and so cannot afford to tolerate those who would point and laugh."

Mike Rappaport had sighed: "The consensus [on global warming] appears to be produced by intimidation and pressure from various ideological and special interest groups. Letters from Congress referring to opponents of the global warming consensus as "deniers" (as in Holocaust deniers) are just the tip of the iceberg."

We see the same stubborn, lemming like behavior in other research that gets politicized. If the government were passing out grants for expanded stem cell research, I'm guessing you would have to struggle to get an innovative, fresh idea for another direction published anywhere. The venture capital would be there if there were a bright future in stem cell, which is definitely legal, but not productive or ethical.

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