Tuesday, November 21, 2006

3199 The Food Channel

One of my favorite cable channels is Home and Garden, and normally the Food Channel. However, because I'm trying to lose some weight by not snacking, not eating my food triggers, not walking through certain aisles of the grocery store, not reading recipes, I'm not watching the Food Channel shows. Also, I love a quick afternoon nap. I set the TV for 45 (HGTV) as I dropped off, but when I woke up it was Paula's Home Cooking, and her two sons were preparing this. Oh wow. I would have never thought of it! I watched in fascination and then grabbed a pencil. Someday, when I'm back at my normal weight, I shall return.


Heather said...

Danger Will Robinson! Have you seen the one where she makes bread pudding out of Krispy Kreme doughnuts? The woman is a menace- I can't watch a show without gazing in awe at the amount of butter she throws in her recipes. YUM!

Anonymous said...

OOOO! OOOO! That looks sooooo goooood! I already blew it by snacking tonight. Good thing I'm out of bacon and we don't have any breadsticks (lol)!