Thursday, November 09, 2006

3151 Do you ever buy

an outfit too small hoping you'll lose weight and eventually wear it? I don't. I know myself too well and am too practical to do that. But I do have items in my closet that I used to wear, and they hang around hoping to be used again even though they don't fit. This is a pants suit I just love. Sort of a gray and blue Glen plaid in a size 8.* I can't remember when I bought it or was able to wear it, but it was after 2000 and before 2004, and it has the shorter jacket (which I do wear with another skirt). Anyway, this suit is my goal. I can now get the pants all the way up--I just can't sit down in them. But hey, in August, I couldn't even get them zipped. Another 10 lbs and I'll be ready to sit.

This dress, also an 8*, is a recent purchase, on sale of course, for less than we spend on our Friday night date. It doesn't show well on a hanger, but is a navy polyester, all lined, gently fitted, with a lace jacket (nice for women my age). I have no place to wear it, unless someone dies or gets married. Although we have friends celebrating a 40th anniversary at the country club at the end of the month, so I might think about that. Everyone dresses so casually these days, there's no place to go in a lace jacket!

* Remember today's size 8 was a size 12 in 1960, and I was 20 lbs thinner then. Aren't closets fun?

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Susan said...

Ah yes! I dared to wear my size 4 skirt with its matching size 8 jacket yesterday. (Don't ask me why I bought two different sizes, especially since I'm a pear shape...I just like a lot of arm room.) The "4" is more of an "8" and almost too small, but it wasn't horrible. The funny part is that every single person I work with complimented me on my nice suit! I can't decide if I want to even keep the skirt. Even if I lose 5-10 pounds, it will still be a straight skirt!