Friday, November 24, 2006

3209 Fixing the slow load

This blog is so large, it's difficult to know how to get it to load faster. So I've shortened the number of days to 5 instead of 7; I've removed the link to Monday Memories because it was no longer a functioning blogroll, but valiently kept trying; I've deleted the Family Friendly blogroll (which I'm suspecting was the problem); I've deleted about half the immigration list; and some dead links. I've pulled the Victory Wing since the Democrats are going to have their way with us and will cut and run anyway, killing thousands of Iraqis who trusted us. I hope it moves better now. Any code that has an "rpc" in it seems to get stuck. I don't know who owns that service, but it doesn't work for me.

Also if anyone knows how to move 1/2 a blog in the system (I don't want to change the URL because the old entries still get hits), let me know.

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