Saturday, November 18, 2006

3184 Global warming and the death of girls

David Ridenour of National Center for Public Policy Research is in Africa attending a global warming conference. Everyone gasps at the "population reduction" solution that China proposes.

"And now the jaw-dropper of the day...

The Stern panel also included a presentation by an environmental specialist from the Peoples Republic of China by the name of Pan Jiahua who made one comment that drew gasps from the audience.

Mr. Jiahua asserted that reducing greenhouse gas emissions requires more than technological advancements. It requires, he said, reducing demand, which can be achieved, in part, by limiting population growth. He went on to say that China's one-child policy has reduced energy demand by 300 million people.

The comment drew gasps from some in the audience. Under China's one-child policy, millions of baby girls have been put to death by parents seeking male offspring.

At the conclusion of the panel, I gave Sir Nicholas Stern one of our "Kyoto Protocol Survival Kits." He graciously accepted."

Jews, Blacks and women should worry when liberals come up with solutions that involve population.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I just feel that I could as well bang my head in a wall...

I thought that Chinas ancient view on population was over and done with. *sigh*


That is horrible! To put your girls to death just because you need boys. Just can't accept that kind of a culture.
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Anvilcloud said...

Live and learn: I never knew that China was a liberal regime and that the killing children was a liberal philosophy.