Tuesday, November 28, 2006

3223 A year without pork?

Did you see the editorial in WSJ today? "Will the loss of both houses of Congress be enough to shock Republicans into the Hazelton rehab center for spending addicts."

It goes on to report that if they can hold spending at 2006 levels (which some Republicans are trying to do) instead of passing spending bills with 12,000 earmarks (special interests), the taxpayers will save $17 billion.

It's no wonder these guys lost. They've come a long way since they got mad at Bush I for raising taxes.


murrayT said...

Let's see..... who was it that renamed PORK and now refer to it as "earmarks"? Was it the Democrats, Republicans or the media. Sounds like just one more attempt to hide the ugly truth and keep the masses confused.

Norma said...

I think both words are still used. With flattery and self aggrandizement they are "earmarks." Of course, hog farmers notch the ears of pigs too, so maybe the terms are truly synonyms.