Saturday, November 25, 2006

3213 Black Friday and Black Days

This is a tradition I've never observed. If I can't find it on December 20 or 21, it doesn't get bought. Last year I was at least in a parking lot, when I went to a Panera's that was in a shopping center. This year, remembering that experience (exhausted and battle weary people coming in for coffee and a bagel), I went elsewhere. Did anyone else brave the crowds?

And how callow is that Al Neuharth of USAToday? I noticed in yesterday's paper he commented on Bush's visit to Vietnam and wrote, "his followers forced us to cut and run 31 years ago." Well no, actually, it was our own homegrown war protesters, that built up the communists' will and encouraged them while demoralizing our troops. Read their memoirs. So when millions died after we pulled out, more deaths than the whole war period, the blood of our allies in that nasty, unpopular war became embedded in our history and on America's hands, especially those of our weak politicians and the scruffy, marching, unwashed protesters.

Newharth seems jubilant that we might do it again. The Islamic terrorists and insurgents are already celebrating the victory of the Democrats with increased violence and assassinations. Happy Killing Days, Al. Black days ahead.

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Dancing Boys Mom said...

The saddest thing is that these people never see it. They completely ignore that side of things. Shoot, it's not even mentioned in school history textbooks. We don't even need to look that far back. If we'd just look back a bit more than a decade to the last time we pulled out of Iraq prematurely we'd see what happens when you don't finish what you start.

But, as long as we can get our good deals at Toys R Us the day after Thanksgiving, I guess it really doesn't matter.