Monday, November 06, 2006

3044 A letter to Kerry

A Sergeant stationed in Iraq has written a letter to John Kerry. His wife submitted it to American Daughter where you can read the whole thing:

"I am a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I am currently on my second tour in Iraq, a tour which I volunteered for. I speak Arabic and Spanish and I plan to tackle Persian Farsi soon. I have a Bachelors and an Associates Degree and between deployments I am pursuing an M.B.A. In college I was a member of several academic honor societies, including the Golden Key Honor Society. I am not unique among the enlisted troops. Many of my enlisted colleagues include lawyers, teachers, mechanics, engineers, musicians and artists just to name a few. You say that your comments were directed towards the President and not us. If we were stupid, Senator Kerry, we might have believed you."

He reminds the Senator that they know what he has said about them in the past, and if he thinks people misunderstand him, it's because he can't communicate clearly.


Anonymous said...

One of my best friends was educated in the army. But she is not the one running around in the danger zones in Iraq...The military wont put these people in the direct line of fire because they have too much invested. Who gets put in the direct line of fire? The 19year olds fresh out of high school...take a look at the statistics. 19-23 years old are the majority of the dead...Mr. Kerry was not completely wrong.

Norma said...

We must be reading different statistics. In fact, "front lines" don't exist in Iraq or Afghanistan. The actual declared war [a bipartisan act of Congress] has been over for years, and securing the country for the Iraqis is the problem. Kerry was wrong in the 70s to tell lies about Vietnam; he is now wrong to flub a joke which slanders all the service people today. He was trying to ridicule the intelligence and education of the President of the United States (he says), a shtick so tired and old that I'm surprised a speechwriter would even submit it, but he can't even get that right when it is prepared for him.

I don't know why the left insists it is better to be beaten by a dim bulb loser rather than a brilliant politician. Football coaches know better.

Anonymous said...

My husband is a Captain in the Army and before that he went to the Airforce Academy which is relatively hard to get into. Even if they are mainly putting the 19-23 year olds in the front lines, it doesn't mean they are stupid or unintelligent for joining the Army or any other branch of the military. Even if Senator Kerry did not mean to say what he did, he should not have even thought of making a joke that could have offended our men and women who are sacrificing their lives. He should have stayed clear away from any reference to our military.

If a Republican had made that same comment as Kerry had, I would be just as offended. My husband along with so many others are serving this country and it does not matter if you or any other person does not believe in this war, our men and women out there need to be shown the respect they deserve (even if it was intended to be a joke and not directly pointed to them)!