Tuesday, November 14, 2006

3167 When readers write

the writers should read. The Wall Street Journal is probably the most liberal newspaper in the country when it comes to news stories. Just like NYT and WaPo, any time there is good news about the economy, the war, health breakthroughs, education or traditional families it is fitted into a "yes, but. . ." template. The editorials and the letters, however, are another story--the right story. Today a reader writes what I wish the over-paid journalists who work for a business publication in a democracy with a thriving economy could say:

"Republicans did fail their values when they attempted to purchase their seats with spending, shrunk from reforming budget-killing entitlements, and found no effective response to illegal immigration." Dan Pisenti, a reader not a journalist, said that, and then told Republicans they need to get a spine. And I point to our failed Ohio Senators, DeWine and Voinovich, who needed implants in two locations.

The media and Democrats drone on about the election losses being about the war, and unfortunately President Bush is willing to go along with them rather than just smack Republicans up side the head and tell the truth. Dems don't want to reveal they know the real reasons, because they want their turn at the trough they lost in 1994, and will divert attention by bullying Bush.

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