Wednesday, November 15, 2006

3172 A note to children and Republican legislators

#41. It is not well to put back on the dish what you have once had on your plate.

"Christopher Dock's One Hundred Necessary Rules of Conduct for Children," translated by Hon. Samuel W. Pennypacker, originally published about 1764 in Saur's Geistliches Magazien. Reprinted in Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings.

[Christopher Dock was born in Germany and came to America ca. 1714. Because he was already a trained school teacher in Germany it is unlikely that he was a Mennonite in Europe, since their employment was restricted. He attended Skippack Mennonite Church, married a Mennonite woman, and all his children remained active Mennonites. Except for 10 years as a farmer, he devoted his entrie life to teaching, and had a reputation as a saintly schoolmaster. He used many hymns and psalms in his teaching. He believed that having a right heart was central to the life of the faithful. Suzanne E. Gross, Hymnody of Eastern Pennsylvania German Mennonite Communities. Thesis. 1994.]

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