Thursday, November 09, 2006

3152 The media is still spinning the war

The Democrats have won Congress but the media doesn't stop the spin. And that includes Bill O'Reilly who seems to be as blind as the CNN guys that Bush lost this election because of the war. I've talked to lots of Republicans, and I don't know a one who hasn't supported Bush on the war. But I also don't know any who
  • were happy with their Republican team in Washington, spending like drunken sailors at Put-in-Bay on a Saturday night, or
  • who were satisfied with the incomprehensible, foolish drug plan, or
  • who wanted this administration to be a high roller in the education sweepstakes, or
  • who don't wonder every time they saw a Hispanic bussing tables, roofing an apartment building or cleaning the office if they are illegals.
You see, Democrats and their lackeys in the press, wouldn't like George W. Bush, or vote for George Bush, or mention some of his successes even if the troops had mopped up the Iraqi borders and found WMD by June 2003. If it were really about the war, we wouldn't be seeing him in monkey faced cartoons, or hear slurs about his education and intelligence. The media killed acres of trees printing the Plame-game-blame story only to have it go up in flame and become a footnote. They practically gave Sandy Berger a medal for stealing. They just hate Bush, pure and simple. Liberals can talk into the wee hours about prejudice and narrow mindedness of Christians, but they need to look into a mirror to see real, frothing at the mouth, irrational hate. Truly, they frighten me.

About 40% of registered voters (and a lot of dead Democrats) went to the polls Tuesday (a dismal turnout compared to Iraqi voters, but near a record for an off-year). Over 50% were Democrats, many were Independents, and many were Republicans crossed over the aisle and voted for the other guy rather than vote for a Republican who went to Washington with promises and left with egg on his/her face. But both Democrats and Republicans passed conservative issues on the ballots, and almost all the Democrats who got elected are so far right of Nancy Pelosi that she's going to have to work awfully hard the next two years to keep them on the plantation. She used them, recruited them, and sold her San Francisco soul to get herself elected as majority leader on their good intentions. Other than the word Democrat behind their names, they have nothing in common with her.

Republicans know they can't trust the press to tell us anything positive about what is happening in Iraq, so we ignore that (Democrats are stuck hearing and believing the same ol' same ol' with never a new thought or idea cross the threshold of their brain). But on these other issues--the drug plan, illegals underfoot thousands of miles beyond the border, good money thrown after bad for the schools--we beyond the beltway can see for ourselves and don't need to depend on Charley or George or Katie to interpret and lie to us. Also, because these issues are about spending tax money and were "bi-partisan," and Democrats also love to spend, these items are soft pedalled by the media.

I also don't believe that gay bashing Mark Foley and Ted Haggard depressed the Republican vote--if anything, the unrelenting coverage by the liberal media about this seamy side of the gay lifestyle, probably helped defeat the gay marriage issues. And at least in Ohio, the so called "culture of corruption" which the media also love to spin, took a back seat to Gov. Taft's ineffective, bland, and weak administration. And the nasty, dirty advertising by both sides? I don't know a single voter who was swayed by that, but I have heard compliments from both Democrats and Republicans for the clean campaign of Ted Celeste (although that too didn't change minds). Only the ad agencies made out on that one. It was not Mary Jo Kilroy's finest hour when she accused in breathless tones Deborah Pryce of being Mark Foley's good friend.

Still spinning and humming the old tunes.

Update: In his Thursday Thirteen today, Dane reports on his visit to New Orleans: "Did you know that New Orleans is the only American city that was built below sea level? Consequently they do not bury their dead below ground. They store them near polling areas and trot them out every election day to vote."

Update2: Angle of Repose, a Californian, tells a GOP caller why he won't contribute: "I then went into my reasons - out of control spending, growth in government, a poorly run war. And the biggest reason: my voice means nothing to the Republican leadership. . . Illegal immigration is the prime example of this."

Update3: This from Tammy Bruce on Republicans voting the immigration issue: "Republicans did not vote for Democrats dressed up as Republicans because they want an open border and amnesty. They did it because the Repubs in office refused to secure the border. . . The president refused to listen to the people, smeared the Minutemen, and was more worried about what Vicente Fox was thinking than what we were thinking."


murrayT said...

This was a super blog. It was your finest hour. I was impressed. I want you to know that you made some great points without me having a need to go to the dictionary. Political jabs at both parties, citing the ridiculous with a sprinkling of satire.

I'm so pumped up about the ridiculous Perscription Drug Plan that I just might write my second blog.

American Daughter said...

A really good post.

Randy Kirk said...

While I agree with your basic premise, especially the part about the media, I suppose I have to parse your word "to know."

I know that we don't "know" each other, but we have had enough contact to be known to one another. I am a die hard Republican (never have voted even one time the other way), and my view on immigration reform is well known to you. It is pretty close to the President's view.

You don't know this, I don't think, but I also like "no child left behind." While in a perfect world, I would close down the entire public school system and start over, the local shool systems are so messed up with the pressure of their unions that only the fed stepping in could bring any hope for reform.

Norma said...

NCLB I also believe is a good idea--this isn't the only area into which money was dumped. Why have standards if they are only for the middle class and the others just eat library paste in the back of the room. But you've got to admit for a party that claims to be conservative, they love the spending that comes with power.