Monday, November 13, 2006

Don't read this blog

Unless you are a single, Christian woman looking for a nice mother-in-law.

OK. Maybe not a mother-in-law. Maybe just a nice guy to meet? Central Ohio? I remember reading a blog a year ago where a mom posted a photo of her son and said he was looking. I forgot to bookmark it, so I don't know if it worked.

So you can e-mail me, using the address at the left. No comments here, please. In fact, I'm disabling them for this entry, and if you drop them at another entry, I'll delete them.

You can see for yourself that he's handsome--about 6'1", maybe 180-190 lbs. (haven't asked), athletic build, very dark brown eyes and curly hair, 38 years old. He's a divorced Christian (Lutheran). No children. Employed. Owns his own 3 bedroom home in a nice neighborhood and 2 cars--no debt (except a home mortgage), but no extra money either, so if that's important to you, move along. Used to have his own automotive repair business. Loves sports, gardening, landscaping, fishing, camping, and music. Cooks. Has a large dog and a small, overweight cat. Plays guitar. Nice singing voice. Tons of friends. Not real techy, but can hook up a computer and uses one at work. Don't think he is into I-pods, the internet, Blackberries or current music. Everyone notices how personable he is. Customer service is his strength and he is really put off by pushy, rude people, gossipy women, and people who look down on others because of some flaw they perceive. I don't think he enjoys reading or movies--can't think of the last time he even mentioned those. He's apolitical--not even registered vote (this is a dig). He's got a short fuse, but usually gets over it quickly. People who carry grudges will not work well with him. He is very good to his parents, and when his grandparents were alive, he was a softy for them.

The rest of us

What does he want? Well, he's just as shallow as the next guy, in my opinion. He's partial to pretty stunning blondes. And I can't imagine why, because it hasn't worked well in the past, and besides, there are no natural blonde adults. If you have issues, baggage or are high maintenance, this guy will have zero patience. But I'll forward inquiries to him. I promise.

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