Monday, November 20, 2006

3193 Euchre Ministry?

Our church newsletter has a notice for signing up for a group to play euchre. It is a small group for the over-30s, and they'll gather for prayer requests, short devotions and then an evening of fun and relaxation playing their favorite card games. Sounds tempting--I'm always looking for good clean fun with a few prayers thrown in, but I'm just really awful at cards. I consider euchre the national passtime of Indiana. When I first married into the family, we lived and socialized in Indianapolis. If you didn't know euchre, well, you were just an object of pity. Each time we play, my patient husband has to reexplain all the rules, and I still goof up. Also, I hate to compete. I don't like for anyone to lose, which is a bit of a problem with games. There are winners, but not without losers.


Anonymous said...

I forgot about Euchre. I haven't played that in years. Now that's a Monday Memory for me:)

murrayT said...

How can Euchre be difficult? You only have 5 cards to fret about. Yeah Right! If Indiana is the Euchre capital of the world then Illinois is next. It has something to do with rural settings and the question "is it colder in the country than it is in winter?"