Sunday, November 12, 2006

3159 Hanson on illegal immigration

One of the things that handed the Republicans their heads last Tuesday was their namby-pamby stand on illegal immigration. Victor Davis Hanson has some thoughts on whether or not the flow of illegals across the border is actually a good thing for Mexico and the USA, as we are often told. I think we know that Democrats, who need more victims, more low wage workers, more members for their unions, and more household and farm help (including Ms. Pelosi), will try to stop any reasonable solution to keep them out.

Even if it were true that Mexican families are more traditional (and apparently they aren't), take a look at any American city where the children are growing up without their fathers, and women without husbands. The elderly without their sons. Would we think a city like that was a good idea for a solid social and economic base? Are they picking up the negatives of our culture or transporting their poverty and crime across the border?

We've been watching what has been happening in Oaxaca because friends of ours have a son and daughter-in-law who had to flee and are now living with them temporarily in Columbus. However, the family of their daughter-in-law is still there. Hanson specifically comments on Oaxaca.

". . . the state of Oaxaca is also one of the chief sources of illegal immigration to the United States. Hundreds of thousands of dissatisfied Oaxacans have fled to the U.S. and now send millions of dollars back southward. Why, then, is the city on the brink of chaos? Could it be that far from stabilizing Mexico, the continual flight of millions of Mexico's disenchanted - one in 10 currently live in the U.S. - has only made things worse..." The rest of the story.

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