Monday, November 20, 2006

3190 Monday Memories

Did I ever tell you about my sister Carol?

I'm not sure anyone is doing this meme anymore--Debbie has dropped out as hostess, but I write these mainly for my family. This will be brief because I hadn't planned it.

This morning when I came down stairs and was preparing the cat's breakfast, I turned on the radio, something I rarely do at 5:15 because only the paranoids looking for UFOs and plots to poison our food supply seem to be on. I scooted through the dial, and got an oldies station which was playing Frankie Laine singing "That lucky old sun." And I immediately thought about Carol, because I think she had this record.


I never did that typical teen stuff like collecting records of favorites and putting photos of movie stars on the bedroom walls, but she did. I think Audie Murphy was her guy--had his photos everywhere. I always attributed that to her health, and spending a lot of time alone, but reflecting back, I guess I was the odd one out. Carol sure did "work like the devil." But also, she really couldn't sit still for long.

Carol died of a diabetic stroke in 1996 complicated by her post-polio problems. Despite poor health since childhood, she had a long career as a nurse and administrator, was adored by her children and grandchildren, and is remembered for her hearty laugh, devotion to her family, famous garage sales, clam chowder and long struggles with her health.

If you're still doing this meme, drop a comment and I'll visit.
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Chelle Y. said...

I was pretty shocked that the MEME closed down. I actually did a "real" memory today. My life has had some major changes and I had to take a break for a couple of weeks, but it has not been over a month.

I am still playing on doing it, at least every other week. I will probably take a break on next Monday because of Thanksgiving holidays, but I am definitely continuing to play.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

This was a nice "Memory," She was a beautiful lady, and I am sure you miss her. I know I would miss my sister if she were gone too.

Anonymous said...

I'm probably not going to do Monday Memories anymore...I was having a tough time coming up with memories and often felt like writing about recent things ~ so I guess I'm out...but stop by anyway just to say hi when you get the chance!

Loved your memory today. I have a younger sister and it is amazing how different we are...but we also have so much in common. I'm sure you miss your sister a lot. That was a beautiful picture to share, too!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful memory of your sister. a really great tribute to her. And it shows your love for her. and I so remember that song because Charley used to sing it. He loved all the old songs and would rarely tried to learn the songs that was newer. I used to learn some of them because of my children, but he stuck to the oldies but goodies and to his hawaiian music. So my kids also learned the oldies and sang those too and won 1st places for contest that they would enter. the daughter I live with for now does alot of swing music and big band songs.

This is such a lovely post and a great memory to share with us. and thank you so much for visiting me and for your kind words. I'm sorry that you loss your sister so soon. And it's hardest during the holidays, don't you think? Take care and God bless.

Susan said...

Thanks for sharing about your sister.

I would probably love to do MOnday Memories, but I can't even figure out how "memes" work. I have time to write, but not to figure out all the technology...oh, maybe that's my adhd...figuring out all the technology is too boring, so I quit!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Very nice tribute to your sister, Norma.

Like you, I've decided to keep doing the Monday Memories as often as I can because I have some things that I want to get recorded for the sake of my children.

Good to know that you are doing this to so I will make it a point of coming to read yours.

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend!!! :-)