Wednesday, November 08, 2006

3048 What's irritating about watching the returns

Charley and George looked so delighted and smug last night, wiggling in their seats, I thought they'd pee their pants. All the media bashing Bush all the time. From the Wall Street Journal to CNN, those poor Democrats in the cities and boonies never get an alternative view. Unless they read blogs. The media are spinning this as a repudiation of Bush--I don't think so. If the Democrats couldn't win this time, they'd have to disband and try something else. Oops. They did that. Many of the Democrats who won sounded more faith and values and good ol' boys than the Republicans who seem to have left their base. Of course, they'll get chewed up and spit out by their own seniors.

I really don't think people went to the polls to vote against the war; Americans don't want us to lose another war. We failed miserably in Vietnam and left millions of our allies to die horrible deaths as we fled. That was terribly cruel. Many Republicans were voted out (or not voted for by Republicans who just didn't go to the polls) because they didn't keep their promises, not because they supported Bush. Some, like DeWine and Chaffee, were voted out because they didn't support the President. So we exchanged liberal Republicans for conservative Democrats. Unfortunately, that puts Nance Pelosi in a position of power. The word is out that she employs illegals, which is why she is soft on immigration reform. Now it's not as good as flying the confederate flag or for not reporting your outside income accurately, but I'm sure the bloggers will dig up something good.


ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

I am a little disappointed by the outcome of the election, but I am more disappointed by the "gloating" of the Democratic Party. With our boys and girls at war, I don't think we need the "anti war" party to be bashing the President and using Iraq as a sound bite opportunity.

Dancing Boys Mom said...

I have to agree completely. I turned off CNN after watching for about 2 minutes when they started spouting, "This is *definitely* a referrendum (or whatever word they were using) against Bush." Your assessment, I belive, is correct.