Wednesday, November 29, 2006

3224 Visit and comment day

Today I visited Heretical librarian, who's writing about censorship in a Muslim country; this librarian recently joined the National Guard and has returned to duty protecting our freedoms at his library. Jack Stevens is writing about conflicting articles on President Bush's presidential library; Jack's always a good read, but because he's a conservative and gets a lot of grief from liberals, he's turned off comments (at least I think that's the reason). Shush is writing about Kinky People's needs; do you know what the QQ in LGBTQQ stands for? I didn't. Florida Cracker continues her fascination with Duane Allman, a hobby I haven't grasped. She also has an item about a cartoonist in trouble.

Blonde Librarian didn't seem to be home, or else is revising her very attractive template again. Christian Librarian ponders why she got an MLS after a conversation with a student who was printing webpages rather than bookmarking them. Several folks, librarian and teachers, put together American Presidents, and today feature advice. Through book club I've read quite a bit now about our presidents, their mothers, their times--always an interesting topic. Jane of Art seems to be working on a novel, as well as her poetry, blog, and job but real life keeps getting in the way. I try to follow along, but get confused when I'm in the novel and when I'm in her life. Tomeboy, one of my favorites ('cause he likes me), sighs that he's getting older--got his degree in the early 90s. Groan. Matthew's asleep at the switch again--hasn't updated since Yom Kippur and Ramadam. My favorite cellist/librarian, Mustang Mama, has jumped into Monday Memories, and has the same problem as my kids--a Thanksgiving birthday. Liberry Juice and his wife just got back from Thanksgiving in Missouri.

Krafty Librarian reports on a study about e-mail overload. E-mail archives have grown 10 fold in 10 years, so I'm not alone. Library Marketing has an interesting item about word-of-mouth. WOM about libraries is usually positive--unless you listen closely. Keptup Librarian seems to be reporting what he reads in USAToday. Not sure the story is researched any further, but maybe that's not the intent--to do the journalist's job, I mean. Annoyed Librarian is really getting a following, liberals and conservatives seem to read her, but says it is hard to find something to satirize because it is all so meaningless to start with. Carlos at Biblioblog actually mentions a Christian review source, Books and Culture; my public library rejected this when I requested it. Feel Good Librarian who always posted happy, interesting stories, must not feel so good--nothing since mid-October, and Paul's last post was about beer, in September! Guide to Etiquette last post was in poor taste, in my opinion. Greg is over my head and techno-level, as usual. And finally, some ideas for your book loving friends at Robin's site.

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