Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cold and flu season--I repeat

"At the Veterinary library our materials were on occasion returned with blood, guts, semen and vomit, and almost always human viruses. We really weren't in that much danger from the zoonotics, but a sick patron could infect and reinfect my staff. We had a roll of paper towels and cleaner handy, and a box of kleenex for patrons at the circ desk. Viruses can live a long time on hard surfaces like counter tops, door handles, and books returned with fingers that just swiped a runny nose. When kids are going into debt for higher education, they don't stay home to nurse a cold. Even if you have to buy these supplies out of your own pocket, it is worth it."

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Anonymous said...

have a great day

murrayT said...

One of the worst virus carriers is a women's purse. Just stop and think of all the nasty places it has been placed and then think of how often you clean it. Like....who cleans their purse??