Friday, October 14, 2016

A battle of the platforms

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have mocked handicapped children (Obama on one of the night time comedy shows and she as FLOTUS of Arkansas).  We all remember that Sarah Palin's pro-life decision not to abort her special needs child was considered fair game by Democrats in 2008.  Newer more sensitive testing for abnormalities early in development in babies is used to destroy them.  Democrats want us to pay for the killing of those who slip through with laundered Planned Parenthood money which supports their election campaigns.

Sex stories and dirty talk matter only during elections, but they primarily destroy Republicans who in the subconscious mind of the electorate are the more moral of the two parties. During non-election years they are just considered puritanical prudes.  When Democrat Barney Frank's boyfriend was caught running a brothel for male prostitutes out of Frank's apartment, it didn't sink his career even 27 years ago.  The major media just chided him or glossed over the story about one of the most powerful men in Washington. The gay lobby was powerful even then, although a bit more underground. A KKK membership and record would sink a Republican, but not the Democrats who brought that baggage to Congress, serving for years and having monuments and hi-ways named for them.

Clinton can laud open borders, refugee resettlement without vetting, and born-alive abortions, and it won't raise hackles like a good sex tape. She can propose a 65% tax rate on estates which will impact small businesses and farms and not cause a blink because the greedly electorate uses the short form and will always think, "It's not my taxes." Destroying Title VII and Title IX both of which benefit women is being done on a regular basis by Obama's LGBTQ mafia and she'll continue down that path.

Hillary's awful potty mouth has been recorded in numerous biographies based on interviews from people who worked with her day in and day out, but if it's not in leaked e-mails, or caught on hot mic, then it doesn't exist.

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