Thursday, October 20, 2016

Eight years, five major global conflicts

The Wall St. Journal editorial board notes that in the eighth year of the Obama Presidency the U.S. is involved in 5 major global conflicts as Obama prepares to leave office. "The tide of war is building on multiple fronts and the U.S. can’t escape the consequences,” writes the editorial board. No we can't escape it, and he and Clinton won't be blamed either by our media nor our textbooks and historians in academe (are there any left?). He will leave office "clean" because nothing touches him, and the next president will be blamed.

 We have drifted (or been pushed) into corrupted statism of a one party federal system with media colluding and the other party refusing to support its national candidate at the state level. If these battles are as serious as the WSJ board suggests, I hope we aren't in them for moral and ethical reasons. We have nothing to offer on that front.

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