Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Keep an eye on your investments.

 Small groups of anti-first amendment activists are doing the same thing they did to our churches. Chip, chip chip until the foundation is completely undermined. This concerns Procter and Gamble, but they'll be back.

"However, spurned by activist investors, a dishonest press and liberal executives, the anti-religious movement is growing in America and threatening the liberty of millions. Muslim, Jewish, Christian and other religious investors... and citizens should take notice. Many major American corporations are working with liberal activists to severely limit your ability to freely practice your religion. This is a well-funded, well-organized effort with many high-profile corporations such as Apple, Disney, Salesforce and the National Football League leading the charge. Today, we stopped Northstar Investment Management's attempt to have Procter & Gamble join in on this fervor, but much more work remains to be done."

"Northstar's proposal also attacked freedom of conscience and public accommodation laws. There is a growing pattern in which, after a conservative legislature or governor works to expand religious liberty protections, liberal activists team with major American companies to try to stifle these efforts," said Danhof. "Procter & Gamble's investors should be proud that they defeated Northstar's efforts to make the company another pawn of the left." Press release, National Center for Public Policy Research

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