Saturday, October 15, 2016

The leftist news cycle--Trump all the time

The media are giving us 24/7 anti-Trump stories--that's so you'll see/hear if you only watch or hear it a few minutes, or several hours. But remember Romney? Probably the most ethical, moral man ever nominated? They actually told over and over a story about his dog in a carrier! One ad played again and again in Ohio was about a man whose wife had died years after one of them lost a job in a company that had Romney investments. One bi-racial newscaster even criticized his family for their bi-racial adopted grand child! And since he was a Mormon, oh, the stories of his grandfather moving to Mexico.  Sort of another "birther" smear.

No, the media are over the cliff left and if you think it's just Trump you weren't watching in 2012. In 2008 they did their best to smear war hero John McCain, and then switched to his running mate Sarah Palin to hate on as an easier target since she had no coat tails of husband or father in Washington. Horror of horrors--she had allowed her special needs child to live, unthinkable for the Marxist Feminists of the Democrat base (Hillary calls them the Red Army, btw). If you are voting Democrat in 2016, you had no choice in your candidate--Hillary worked with the media to get Sanders out of the picture.  And although Trump beat a very large field, the media also controlled that since it was well known even among her campaign staff (revealed in Wikileaks) Hillary couldn't beat any of the outstanding, younger Republicans who threw their hats in the ring.

"But what’s a Republican to do? Last cycle, we nominated the ultimate Boy Scout: Mitt Romney. Whatever you think of Romney from a policy perspective, he is as admirable a man as you will ever meet. To find a presidential candidate of better moral character, you probably have to go back to Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Romney never said a rude word about a woman in his life. . .The Washington Post made a front page story of the fact that 50 years earlier, when he was in high school, he and others had cut a classmate’s hair. "

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