Thursday, October 13, 2016

What's on the news? Sex.

TV is running behind me in my office. Nothing about what Hillary is doing to destroy the country. Can't stand any more "news" about Trump ravishing women without their consent, so I click through a few channels--soap operas using some very explicit language that wasn't allowed the last time I saw one, Paternity Court, also sexually explicit euphemisms, probably if I kept it on I could find Jerry Springer, former Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, or Divorce Court, or Judge Judy, or Judge Mathis, all reporting sleeping around, or having sex with his girl friend's mother, or a guy with 8 baby mamas and behind in his support. I don't know if these are the deplorables or the Democrats. Guess I'll listen to the archived radio I enjoy.
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Lebron James says guys don't talk like that [Trump] in locker rooms. I think he's a fabulous athlete, a great philanthropist, and did (finally) marry the mother of his children. But what's the image of him on the cover of Vogue? And what about all those athletes bragging about their baby mamas? Do they just speak quietly and respectfully of them behind their backs in the locker room?

It's odd that the party that tells us biological sex doesn't matter, concern for our privacy in bathrooms is a transphobic insult, and pronouns must be changed in churches that host outside events, all of a sudden are having the vapors over sexual banter and talking dirty--but only from men, not loopy women in bars or on Facebook. Sounding strangely phony and political.

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