Monday, October 24, 2016

Billions in education dollars battling for control of our children's minds and future of the country

"On the left you have the Democrat party, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE), Fordham Institute and teachers unions fighting to eliminate the current state charter school system. They weigh in with over $13 million in political contributions, and a ground team of advocacy support for Democrat legislators. Their efforts, according to a press release from the Ohio House and Senate Democratic Caucus, have resulted in “20 bills and dozens of amendments to bring more accountability to Ohio’s charter schools.”

On the right you have charter schools, Bill Lager founder of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) and White Hat Management, the school founded by Akron’s David Brennan. With Lager providing $220,000 in contributions to Republican legislators this year. Their results are HB 2, which created greater oversight of charter schools and charter school sponsors.

In the middle, the real battle is taking place; this is the battle over a billion dollars. These dollars fund, at half the cost of many urban district schools, approximately one third of students whose families have chosen to send their child to a charter school."
Launched in August 2016, 3rd Rail Politics takes you behind the scenes not only in Ohio's capital city but throughout the rest of the Buckeye state.

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