Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Project Veritas, Video 1--Organizing to disrupt a Trump event

The Project Veritas videos are out there now, "conflict engagement"--being denied of course, because he's also the one who exposed ACORN (the community organizers/Alinskyites and Democrat party operatives), and the Planned Parenthood ghouls selling baby parts. The narrative Veritas reveals is that Trump supporters are crazy and violent. He's showing how demonstrators showed up at Trump rallies blocking traffic and heckling honest citizens trying to draw them into acting "crazy." Seems to be a theme with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, always calling people who expose the power structure as a swamp of crazy or basket of deplorables, and now we see them as a clutch of cacklers and hecklers.


So we have Wikileaks, the FBI e-mails and Project Veritas. All point to the most corrupt woman and campaign in our history, and I don't see a thing we can do about it.  Yes, we can vote, but Project Veritas has also interviewed the people corrupting our voting process.

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