Friday, October 14, 2016

Michelle Obama's speech on language

Glenn Beck wondered in today's newsletter if Michelle Obama had given the best speech of the campaign. Well, no, although I've always thought she was a better speaker than her husband. She's also just as much the hypocrite. The Obamas cavort with Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Carter (Beyonce and Jay-Z), the billionaire trash talking rappers whose music and costumes demean women's bodies and especially their lady parts, but black women in particular. Michelle Obama is also a better actress than her husband--her voice quivered when she claimed to have never heard such awful language as on the Trump tape, another entertainer bragging about conquests, but the wrong ethnicity. I guess she wears ear plugs to those concerts.

But I did hear and excellent speech by another black woman being interviewed on the radio while driving to the grocery store.  She's not a billionaire or millionaire  like the Carters and Obamas.  She is one of Trump's surrogates talking about how she's waited eight years after voting for Obama for the Democrats to help blacks grab a hold of the American dream. Instead she's watching the perks go to new immigrants and refugees instead of Americans. She likened today's black leaders in Congress and Mayors' offices who are at the beck and call of the Democrats to the slaves who kept the other slaves in line on the plantation. She was so passionate and convincing I think she should be speaking instead of him. At least she talked about jobs, education and immigration.

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