Saturday, October 08, 2016

Back from Lakeside--it was gorgeous

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Beth Sibbring photo, October 7, 2016

We're back from Lakeside, but did catch the leading Fourth Estate/Fifth Column of ABC this morning and they have all of a sudden turned into prudes, who never heard or never said a sexist, obnoxious thing about a woman. Who knew? These are the same reporters who swooned over Bruce Jenner's new breasts and hormone enhanced body. These are the folks who say biological sex means nothing, it's just a feeling. A man who's been married 3 times, owns casinos and says nasty things is not my idea of an ideal candidate. That said, up against a woman who managed a "bimbo eruption" squad for her husband's affairs destroying their lives and careers, whose ex-president husband then made millions while she was Secretary of State and then sold herself for $250,000-$500,000 each time she took money from a government that oppresses women, Trump is still the better of the two to choose the next Supreme Court.

With Donald Trump we know the media will be hanging on every word--he'll be the most watched president ever, whereas with Clinton we will have even more bad policies, appointments and misspent money glossed over than with Obama.

Donald Trump made lewd comments. Wow. I thought from reading social media that only women did that, taking selfies with their girl friends out on the town Friday night at a bar raising their drinks and then posting to Facebook. Lips pursed in a kiss; cleavage busting out all over. Those are not photos for mama or grandma.  I've been scrolling past and not commenting, but I guess I should have blocked them or demanded an apology.

In 2005, or whenever he said these terrible, sexist things, I think Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were still pledging that they believed marriage was between a man and woman.  Surely there is some video of those terrible, homophobic things being said by these progressive, socialist politicians.

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