Sunday, October 23, 2016

Washington Post--You get what you pay for--nothing

For years I've had an on-line subscription to Washington Post, except it isn't. I signed up years ago, and I don't pay for it.  It's about 8-10 articles daily, not the whole paper, and not even what you see if you go directly to the website.  If I really dig or if they throw in some freebies I might get something about music, art, sports or the suburbs. A Google search will often turn up an article in the Post that wasn't part of my "subscription."  Hey, you get what you pay for, and in this case, it's all Hillary, all the time. Either she owns the Post or they own her.

Since Trump won the Republican Primary, it's been running about 8:1, anti-Trump to pro-Clinton. He made a lewd remark (and almost all that stuff has already been proven untrue) and she's taken millions from foreign governments.  Which gets more space?  Trump's behavior, not hers. Trump was booed at that Catholic dinner Thursday night, and so was Mrs. Clinton.  Which got in the news?  Guess. Mr. Trump.  Which candidate had campaign staff saying bad things about Catholics that came out in Podesta's e-mails?  Guess--yup, Mrs. Clinton. Two DNC staffers, one with close ties to Obama, have been fired for trying to disrupt the Trump rallies and illegally register voters.  Did that even get into the Washington Post? Yup.  With really negative information about the guy who filmed them doing illegal things.

It's to the point that when WaPo shows up in my e-mail with the teaser headline, I just delete it because it's like watching a pimp on the street calling in the Johns for his Ho.  It's just sickening.  The bias is  in the op-eds, the news, and the cartoons.  I don't know who owns Washington Post, but they are really fearful that Trump could win.  What would happen?  He could bust up the cozy relationship between the two parties? He could demand some standards for lobbyists?  He just isn't a politician who knows how to play the game. He's using his own fortune, he doesn't have that essential ground crew that goes out and knocks on doors and makes phone calls. I worked a little on the Romney campaign in our community in 2012, and people were putting in their own money, buying space on Facebook.  Not much help from the party for the people who had no connections.  Here in Ohio Trump doesn't have the support of the Republican governor or the Republican Party, so no one can get elected on his coat tails.  It's really made a lot of us rethink what we thought about our "free elections" and "free press."

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