Friday, October 28, 2016

Our voter fraud is institutionalized

Election Integrity should be a national issue says True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht who after wrapping up an interview on Fox, kept the cameras rolling for an impromptu DIY interview that focuses on solutions to the very real problems that are eroding our election process . (I thought the background in the studio was interesting.)
Our election registration and fraud is institutionalized. Enrollment is based on self-attestation and the assumption people are honest when they fill out those forms.  There is no check for citizenship or anything else. Although states are responsible for registering voters, they are sued by the federal government and many leftist organizations if they try to check on the legality of the information. That is very expensive, but allowing non-citizens or non-residents of your state or city, is even more expensive.  Suppression exists from top to bottom for political advantage, and Democrats are so much better at this than Republicans as recent undercover tapes showed how it is done. However, if you're ignoring it because you vote Democrat, next time it could be the other party.

Could you vote in Mexico or Germany or Britain (on Brexit, for instance)? Of course not. Those countries are light years ahead of the U.S. in stopping illegals from voting. Our lax rules create distrust and low voter turn out.

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