Thursday, October 20, 2016

Reviewing the 2000 election

Some history on accepting the election results. Although Al Gore was gracious when Bush finally won the 2000 election (law suits were being prepared in other states about their dead and displaced voters).  Jesse Jackson certainly didn't accept the results. Nor did Dick Gephardt.  The Democrats fought President Bush viciously for 8 years. It extended to back stabbing our soldiers in Iraq after supporting the war their own intelligence on WMD demanded. Al Gore went on climate change tirades to lick his wounds.

For those too young to remember, Democrats thought they owned black voters in a certain district in Florida and refused to accept the count, and instead tried to determine intent from "hanging chads." I had really liked Al Gore, but changed my mind late in the election season due to his Clinton connection--but I guess that must be white privilege, and blacks can't do that. Democrats pay a lot of money to control their voters, and know them well.  In 2004 when Kerry lost to Bush by about 100,000 in Ohio, some Democrats refused to accept the results, although Kerry did. Just imagine the mischief now with machine voting and Democrat 501c4s admitting they've been corrupting the vote for 50 years!

Facebook and Twitter weren't a factor in 2000, but Democrats contracted a disease called the "Bush Derangement Syndrome" BDS, which was very apparent in blogs and he was flogged constantly, insulted, ridiculed, called illegal, blamed for Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 tragedy, and probably the temporary disappearance of some queen bees, etc. by Democrats who never accepted that decision.

When you hear our media rehashing Trump's comments about accepting results, go talk to some elderly Democrats who still don't accept 2000.

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Anonymous said...

Al Gore last week was still claiming he wuz robbed. His audience chanted "you won" when he was stumping for Clinton. I guess they made up. Politics and strange bedfellows. Eeeewwww. Can't get that picture out of my mind.