Monday, October 10, 2016

When did Democrats get so prissy and delicate about smutty talk?

"Rap lyrics celebrate the assault of women all day long, and our pop stars twerk for the precise purpose of attracting lewd attention, and some of these artists are fĂȘted at the White House and elsewhere as role models for young people. My friends—even some of my pious Christian friends—watch and celebrate Game of Thrones, which if I understand correctly, features graphic depictions of the demeaning of women and everyone else.

Bill Maher, hero to the Left (and likewise to some on the Right for his straight talk about Islam), has a foul mouth and celebrates his hanging out at the Playboy Mansion, where people are known to behave in the way Trump describes, and that is perfectly cool. Even Ann Coulter wants to be friends with him.

President Kennedy joked about his presidency being like a golf course; I will spare you the foul punch line if you don’t already know it. Senator Ted Kennedy was caught in flagrante delicto drunk and palming waitresses. Bill Clinton is a known sexual predator. Joe Biden has often been shown on camera being far too handsy with pretty women."


Anonymous said...

isn't this the pot calls the kettle black.

Norma said...

Did you want me to post photos of Joe Biden getting cozy with women and Democrats saying, "Well, that's just Joe." Or maybe the car that drowned the girl with Teddy and Democrats electing him term after term for the Senate where his vote impacted every one of us? Including his votes on abortion? Think about who your defending.