Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Conservatives have a problem--moral relativism of liberals

"The problem for Conservatives is that they believe in morality and in recent days many conservatives found themselves in a gut-wrenching decision over whether to vote for or against Donald Trump. Individuals within the loop of moral relativism have no such problem. There may be one such person, but I have discovered no agony within the Hillary supporters.
  • Fifty million abortions? No problem!
  • 500 million dollars from the Federal Government to fund the new Nazis who run Planned Parenthood and sell off body parts? No problem! 
  • Benghazi? No problem!
  • Releasing of terrorists from Gitmo? No problem! 
  • Emptying the jails of individuals who produced and sold cocaine and heroin? No problem! 
  • Hundreds of millions in cash delivered to Iran in the middle of the night for ransom? No problem!
  • Redefinition of marriage? No problem!
  • Transsexual bathroom directives from Obama? No problem!
  • No settlement of IRS harassment of Conservative groups? No problem!
  • Continued chaos and suicides of veterans in the VA? No problem!
  • Destruction of emails and servers by the Secretary of State? No problem!

When moral relativists in the Democratic Party demand that you do not vote for Trump, you have every right to make the same demand to the moral relativists to not vote for Clinton. If they, who do not believe in a moral universe, suddenly decide that there is such a thing; then, by all means use this fleeting opportunity to extract a pledge from them to not vote for Clinton."  Roland Lane​

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