Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Project Veritas, video 2, voter fraud

Project Veritas had lined up stories at a number of TV news outlets, but the stories were pulled at the last minute--pressure from the Hillary Campaign. So it's up to us to get it out. Truth is so dangerous. We have no "free" media/press. This is part 2. Yesterday was part 1. Scott Foval, featured on this, has now been "fired." So if these aren't real, why was he fired? Also discusses bussing in voters from another state to vote illegally. A how-to, guide. Used cars obtained from 3rd party. Phony addresses. How to register with pay stubs for Hispanics. No problem if caught. Do it for every Republican held state. Bob Creamer, Democracy Partners, husband of Dem. Congresswoman, is the brains and called diabolical in an admiring way by Scott Foval. Cesar Vargas, undocumented, a "dreamer." Moving Hispanics around, getting work permits, then appearing to be registered voters.