Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cod with tomatoes would leave me very hungry

I really enjoy receiving "The World's Healthiest Foods" newsletter and find the nutrition charts very interesting (web page is awkward and difficult to navigate).  But today's featured recipe is "Mediterranean Cod with Tomatoes."  One pound of cod serves four, and it has 200 calories.  Really?  That would send me to the frig or pantry very quickly looking for something more satisfying.

I'm a stress eater, and it's been a very stressful time the last two weeks. (Death of our cat.)  I think I've fixed three Marie Callender pies in the last 10 days--cherry with a lattice top, dark chocolate cream, and dutch apple. If you cut the pieces rather small, one piece is about as many calories as two decent size cookies, or a good slab of cheddar cheese, which also help with stress. 

Mediterranean Cod with Tomatoes
Wouldn't you still be hungry?

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Dan Nieman said...

Looks good but I would be looking for more too.